MM 005: You Can Create a Better Life

It is never too late to create your better life. Chances are you only need a bit of motivation and discipline or maybe your toolbox is missing a key tool. Either way your better life is waiting on you.

In this episode we vibe about:

  • 0:27 — Adjusting to motherhood.
  • 1:56 — Mother’s desire to create options for our children.
  • 3:34 — My vision board and continual progression.
  • 8:54 — No more deadlines.
  • 13:37 — No failure. Never too late.
  • 15:07 — Put your vision board up and trust your process.



  • Whether you are on time or later is a matter of perspective.
  • You can’t move any faster than time does.
  • Focus on bettering yourself.

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