MM 003: Patience Makes the Perfect Mother

Are you striving to be the perfect mother? Everything good takes time to manifest, so know you already the perfect mother. Patience is the key to perfect your motherhood journey. After all, you spend an entire lifetime becoming and being a mother.

In this episode we vibe about:

  • 0:27 — Patience is key, but society is very impatient.
  • 2:18 — Motherhood is a journey of patience.
  • 4:00 — Perfection requires imperfections — your experiences matter.
  • 5:55 — Have patience with yourself to transmute your experiences into the necessary doses for your child (my mother’s example).
  • 10:00 — Build a better foundation for your children from your broken floorboards.


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We’ve been praying, we’ve been sowing. Now we’ve crying, heaven send the rain.
We’ve been praying, we’ve been sowing. Now we’ve crying, heaven send the rain. Send the rain

—William McDowell

Send the Rain Quote - William McDowell #TeaspirationThursday

A dry field produces not an abundance of crops, but a lack of crops. I have been guilty of wishing, praying and demanding, like an intolerant two-year-old, that I am given abundant life. See, it is not the wishing, the praying or even the demanding that creates the guilt trap. No, my fault is assuming and expecting abundance to flow freely to me without effort on my part.

A gardener knows she cannot expect an abundant harvest come Summer if she has not thoroughly tilled her soil. She knows she must properly sow her seeds in the good earth. She comprehends that watering is necessary. Similarly, she allows and encourages her garden to be watered.

Too often we vainly ask for the seemingly impossible. We bombard our Source of all that was, is and will be with empty wishes. These wishes are empty because we often desire not to have to face the rain required to water our seeds. We claim we will do anything and face everything necessary to live the life we desire. Yet  when the storm clouds appear, the thunder rolls and the rain begins to fall, we hide. We complain that the ground is too wet for us to thread. We argue that there is too much rain to see beyond.

Your life is your garden. You can manifest all that you desire. You require rain to bear good fruit. Embrace every drop from every storm and your life will harvest abundance.



Love Coaching: Anchored - How to live your best life?

Welcome to Your Darkness

I have spent a lot of time in darkness searching for that which I know is necessary. In it, I found all that I needed and the keys to so much more.

I am on a journey. You are on a journey. We are all on a journey—both, uniquely and collectively. When the going gets tough and the way becomes unclear there are things that you will always need and one thing that is always so good to have. You need the proper navigational toolbox and a basic users manual—and you will be elated to have some good company along the way who desires that you find your way out of your darkness beaming brighter than before you ascended into your abyss.

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Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Patience Quote Ralph Waldo Emerson: Adopt the pace of nature

Over the course of many seasons, I have learned to dance the ballet of patience. When Spring begins her rise above the horizon we begin to sow our good seeds. Mother nature’s seeds that dropped in Autumn and lay dormant though Winter take up root. When Summer ascends all Spring sowings and roots bud and ripen, and we start harvesting. Then comes Summer’s Eve, and we take to sowing and planting that which will be harvested as the leaves commence to falling. Autumn’s beginnings mark its ending as we harvest what is good and start preparing for the time of resting, reflecting, and preparing. We welcome Winter with the Winter Solstice — the dying of the Sun on the Southern Cross or Crux constellation. Know, even our Sun has patience as it rests at its lowest point for three days before beginning its rise on what we call Christmas Day. Our days begin to lengthen once more foreshadowing Spring’s return. We lay in patience and in wait just as those seeds which fell in Autumn.

Welcome to Spring! May your harvest this year be abundant!



Love Yourself


You’re nobody till somebody loves you. You’re nobody till somebody cares.

—Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra Quotes; You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You

I will always encourage you to love yourself. I will not be the only person who tries to hearten you to love yourself despite all doubts.  Yet, if you cannot love yourself all I say and all others say will be in some sense vain. No amount of people can ever love you enough to make you feel like you are somebody worth loving or caring for. The journey to knowing your worth lies within you. The path you seek towards love is yours and only yours to tread. Until you can convince yourself that you are worth every ounce of love that ever manifested you will continue feeling insignificant and unnecessary.

You feel like a “nobody,” because you have convinced yourself that someone or something outside of yourself can make you somebody. You are squandering your good energy trying to prove to the world that you are somebody. What is there to prove? It took me a while to remember, but I have always been somebody. I have always been important, a part and parcel of this great divine tapestry. If it were not so, there would be no need for me to be here. You are here because you are important. You are here because you are necessary. We need something that only somebody, that somebody being you—can provide.

Your heartbeats inspire me,