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These beautiful girls, unfathomably divinely gorgeous young women. I began each trailer, and my heart gave up when my ojos began to flood. Just know we must hold together, hold for love, be much better than we are right now—here today. Where are the righeteous men? Those who vow to protect the wombs of those which first birthed them? … Sometimes, I just feel as though I simply cannot. Uh.


So you think it’s merely an Eastern thing…

The Day My God Died – 2003, Andrew Levine. Narrated by Tim Robbins, Wynona Ryder – IMDB info and cast –

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The Day My God Died is a feature-length documentary that presents the stories of young girls whose lives have been shattered by the child sex trade. They describe the day they were abducted from their village and sold into sexual servitude as, “The Day My God Died. ”The film provides actual footage from the brothels of Bombay, known even to tourists as “The Cages,” captured with “spy camera” technology. It weaves the stories of girls, and their stolen hopes and dreams, into an unforgettable examination of the growing plague of child sex slavery.

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Against a liquid fence

I Saw God . . . then I heard S’He speak.

April 12, 2013 — Akenatzy Country [Clover, VA] (originally posted to Nadira’s Locs)

Call me crazy, but my day was amazing . . . Selah.

A voice in nature - Nappy Nahdee

I have never in my life been so, so something. After work today I left the office, and I did the usual: wait on my brother and his partner to finish up work in the backwoods. So I sat up against a wood fence and took in the scenery. It was magnificent, divine. As I’m writing this know that I’m beyond overwhelmed with emotion at this point… Still standing here, barefoot, stuck, and trying to make sense of all that just happened to me, trying to relay to you all that God just gave me. Continue reading

#Teaspiration Thursday | The Universe Shall Conspire. . .#foryourgood

The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.

The Universe Shall Conspire - WearYourPurple

Disclaimer: This image was created mere moments before I drew August 18th’s #Teaspiration. . . couldn’t make this life up if I had an eternity to write this tale.

I love you all! I miss your vibrations!

I will be back to writing more and vibing more with you, my Loves, when I’m able to sit still for more than just a breath of fresh air. Do know all is well in the Kingdom, and I speak the same for you all as well.

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Always unconditional love,

—♥ Egypt

The tree that was never a tree

#Teaspiration Thursday | Be like the tree that was never a tree, just strong af . . .

I am beautiful,

I am bountiful,

I am blissful.

—Egypt rises to one of nature’s many surprises

Opens curtains. “Good Morning! my friend…oh, wow—you’re getting big fast. . . ” Snaps photo to send to Frankie baby;  pauses for a moment of realization. “Wait. There are no trees growing next to our home . . .could you be. . .

Never allow anyone to classify you as someone or something you are not. Know you will forever be who and what you are meant to be. Others may try to force their beliefs, thoughts, opinions, and visions about your future onto you. . . but be still like the stalk of grass that gave no fxcks that Egypt and Frank classified it as a tree. Know that when you are in the darkness, barricaded by walls on every side there is always sunlight somewhere above you. Be determined to break through any and every obstacle or barrier which rises before you in order to reach the light that has been summoning you since the day you left your mahadrah’s womb. Be like that stalk and those fragile leaves…mighty as a great sycamore, determined to rise.

Love, always!


The tree that was never a tree

Bedside Musings: “The tree that was never a tree”

NEW Poetry Video | A week or so crammed into two decent sentences and one bad run-on.

So finally I received the push I needed to light the fuel beneath my own rear-end. I am now moving full speed ahead in production mode. In the last week I shot a video with the help of Frank, recorded my first official poetry spill for self, learned my way around Adobe Premiere *score!*, had dinner and shock hands with United States Senators and campaigner leaders, stripped my gears over reports and funny figures, wrote, cuddled and thought, hit the gym, ballet’d about the kitchen with much gaiety, half watched Aladdin twice, ran errand after errand, hosted weekend guests, watched a NBA massacre with the in-laws,  began my final must-do online publishing project for 2016 ☺, studied LOA, enrolled in summer ’16 courses, explored the wonderfully mysterious world of Bats and Black Birds, released my first official poetry spill for download on Soundcloud, dropped my “i be Blk god” video on Youtube, and last but not least— just launched Royal VP™



Watch Egypt-English - i be Blk god [Poetry-Spill]

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Geese Fly in Formation Bruh |#Teaspiration Thursday

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” —Vincent Van Gogh

Frank draws while talking politics.

When we open up our eyes and allow ourselves to see that the world we live in and the lives we possess mimic nature and all of its extremities, we will realized that it is so much easier to just go with the flow of things and not in opposition.


Love You All.


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