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The Monday Train is the lifestyle podcast helping people get their lives back on the right track. Aboard The Monday Train you will vibe, think, laugh and maybe even shed a joyful tear, but above all, you will be inspired, encouraged and motivated to chart your best life. Egypt English is your high off life, galactically buzzed, cosmically trippy soul sister. From 240 pounds of under-confidence to 165 pounds of “watch me transform my life into gold”, Egypt is devoted to telling her story, assisting you with writing your own story and showing women and men how to upgrade their relationships starting with good ole’ self. As a guided, focused and certified SOL Navigation Coach Egypt’s passion is helping you love, dream, and manifest your perfect lifestyle in to your perfect world—and then watching you repeat the process over and over with great vim and vigor.

Love yourself enough to fear nothing. Dream as though you have no limitations. Manifest like you are source of all things good, and repeat.

Season 3 - Perfect Relationships

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Season 1 & 2 - Climbing the Mountain

Love, dream, manifest, repeat—chart your best life! The Monday Train is packed with love lessons, life experiences, languages and sciences which conclude that your picture perfect life is waiting on you to pick up your beautiful pieces and create your divine masterpiece of a mosaic, and Egypt E is here to coach you through your process.