Mother, I am depressed-

Unadulterated divinity.

Randoms by a Random

image.pngI told my mother I was depressed,
And she said- baby, it’s just the blues,
Just like every song has an ending,
This one would waltz right through.
It’s been three years- I’m still “blue”

I told my father I was depressed,
And watched the tears stream down his cheeks,
With a heart heavy with guilt, I said-
Daddy, I will make it through.
I was depressed, yet the one to show strength.

I told my friends I was depressed,
They said- girl! You just need a man;
How could I handle another human soul,
When I could barely deal with mine.
I was depressed, not in need of a man.

I told my brother I was depressed,
He asked if I was bleeding then?
He’s heard girls can go a tad bit off,
When their time of the month appeared.
I said- I’m not bleeding… He didn’t hear.


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#Teaspiration Thursday - Under Your Weather

#Teaspiration Thursday | Under your weather

Patience pays


Dark clouds loom in wait overhead;
bidding for hard rains to fall.
Thunder quakes with the voice of a nameless god
just before lightening bolts from the firmament with the aim of nothing less than divine vengeance—
yet in due time all will cease
and peace shall make its way across those now still waters.

Peace and always Love,


#Teaspiration Thursday | The Universe Shall Conspire. . .#foryourgood

The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.

The Universe Shall Conspire - WearYourPurple

Disclaimer: This image was created mere moments before I drew August 18th’s #Teaspiration. . . couldn’t make this life up if I had an eternity to write this tale.

I love you all! I miss your vibrations!

I will be back to writing more and vibing more with you, my Loves, when I’m able to sit still for more than just a breath of fresh air. Do know all is well in the Kingdom, and I speak the same for you all as well.

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Always unconditional love,

—♥ Egypt

"My Wall of Hearts"

216 Hearts on My Wall {please staple more}

When I made it to 100 Readers I was ecstatic. As much as I enjoy blogging and like to think of myself as pretty decent at what I do . . . I never thought I would have so many eyes actually reading what I have to say about Love, Life and randomness. Eh, so much for being a Physic Loveologist...maybe next lifetime. YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!!! How’s that for a segue. I love your big ole’ beautiful eyes, your ears and most of all each of your hearts. For those of you who take the time out of your busy lives to chit chat with me here and on our other spaces or places Eeek! well, y’all are just so freakin’ LOVE. So thank you immensely for your Hearts! Like seriously, they make the best collectible, even more so than your beautiful FLAGS!

Hearts that glow like mercury

Together We are like the brightest of nights. The moon

is new.
But we are
Ancients. Effervescent; dipped in an array of colors—vibrantly decorating our celestial sphere. Our points sharp,
our dust trippy, and our glow—O! a sight to behold from some gazillion light years away.

I Love You All ♥

♥ Egypt