LoveTrips the BLOG

Our Love Story

Mecoú miandestagōnwa—greetings my loves! 

I am Egypt, and the other half of my flame is Frank. We wear many headdresses, but at my core I am writer, and Frank is too, a Hip Hop artist to be exact. We met at university and began our relationship with no expectations, lots of communication, big dreams, some rocky roads and even some glorious falls, but never any love lost. We set out on a mission to dream up our most elaborate of fantasies, and then manifest each of those fantasies into our reality. To say the least, our journey has been one helluva lovetrip, and we still have 80 years and forever to go. 

Why I Started Blogging

To love and to encourage faith for other spirits like ours is the reason why etches of our life are scribbled upon this glass tapestry. Our lives independently and together have not been entirely filled with smooth crystal stairs. Yes, there have been many nails sticking wrong sides up out of some of our landings. A number of days have looked and felt like Hell manifested right in the midst of our love nest, our bank accounts and our tribes at large, but none of those moments define us, and for so many of them we are extremely grateful. 

Life and Style

On a lovetrip with us you will find relationship and marriage advice, real life experiences, and tales of my journey through motherhood, all sprinkled with my budget-friendly fashion thrifts, poetry verses, jewelry addictions and our travel logs!  

Thank you for traveling with us, with me. 

  Forever yours in love,   

—♥Egypt English

LoveTrips™ the TRIBE logo wi/ Egypt English

You are and can be as powerful as

your soul desires. You can go
as far, as high, as long as you so choose—but in order to do all of the latter,
you must first

Love yourself enough to fear nothing.

Dream as though you have no limitations.

Manifest like you are the source of all things good and repeat.