Why I Create

I know what it feels like to lose faith and lack confidence in your circumstances, but most unfortunately, in yourself and your purpose. I also know what it feels like to battle with the anxiety that comes with feeling trapped in a rut, knowing that there is a way out—but you simply have not stumbled upon it—or worse, have refused to accept that way. I comprehend the pain of trying to breathe underwater while drowning in a sea of sorrows as well.

Yet, I also know how good it feels to surface for the first time, and take in a breath of fresh confidence—enough confidence to give me the courage to dive beneath my waves once more and salvage more pieces of my lost self.

Each creation allows me to explore more of my darkness, transmute it to light and share my light with the world, and that is why I create.

What My Relationship Has Taught Me

Nothing is impossible. No dream is too big. The bigger the dream the better. With a mustard seed of faith and a few gems of encouragement, I can achieve greatness.

How I Learned to Sort Through My Wreckage

I accepted that every experience, every bit of knowledge, and every passion I possess is necessary. Realizing my only duty to my past is to utilize its shards to create my perfect today and abundant future saved my life. From my wreckage, I choose to create mosaics—masterpieces. Within my array of masterpieces, I pray you find something to love.

Thank you for traveling with me. 

  Forever yours in love,   

—♥Egypt English

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You are and can be as powerful as

your soul desires. You can go
as far, as high, as long as you so choose—but in order to do all of the latter,
you must first

Love yourself enough to fear nothing.

Dream as though you have no limitations.

Manifest like you are the source of all things good and repeat.

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