Some days I have my coffee with a tea bag. Some days I simply want my tea leaves. Other days I desire only my coffee beans. And then there are those days where a tall glass of water or maybe one of wine will do just fine. See, I am not the same women I was all of my yesterdays. I do not always repeat the same string of actions I did in my yesterdays, but each and every day I am a brand new, and yes, improved version of me. I am positive you are here because you and I are similar in that respect—we know that although we are certainly a product of many many yesterdays, we are forevermore a shining reflection of every today. So we live as though yesterday does not define us because we are indeed living definitions of constant refinement. This is my life I tell myself—we tell ourselves; I will live it each and every day doing that which I would regret never doing.


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  • You have made my day (actually my week) much brighter!! I really needed it! It’s been a whirlwind of a week and you just made me smile and exhale:) You’re so amazing and you deserve to pamper yourself soon! Much love to you Queen!!" {Read the Love...}

  • I’ve been reading some of these blogs for a while now, I read about a lot of heartbreak or the “first love” stages. So it’s rewarding to read about a love that makes it despite the struggle. It can’t be easy, but this post gives me hope in the potential of what a relationship can be. Thanks! {Read the Love...}

  • "So true. I love this. It’s when we stop looking God sends your way the man that he wants you to have. LOL. We have to get out of our own way." {Read the Love...}

  • "Word! I love this so much, Egypt! It’s disheartening, especially in this digital age, that so little it deemed sacred." {Read the Love...}

  • "Listening is the only way we can hear that still, small voice! Always am uplifted when I come here, dear Egypt!" {Read the Love...}



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