734 Malem Mail -My Dearest Reader

734 Malem Somewhere

734 Malem Mail -My Dearest Reader734 Malem Mail -My Dearest Reader734 Malem Mail -My Dearest Reader

Dearest Reader,

Imagine the perfect utopia—a place full of beauty and bliss, heavenly bliss. A place where you are completely at peace with everything life has to offer or doesn’t. Even when all the worlds around you are falling to pieces, your world is still perfect! ♥

Well, my loves that is exactly what my world, our world—Mr. May & I’s world is like. It is perfect! We live for it, we dream about it, write about it—it’s ours, we created it. And no matter where we are on this green-blue earth, as long as we together we are in our world. When we are apart you’d best believe we are plotting our great escape back to our wonderful world ♥.

Now, if you are confused, that is ok. If you are completely in disbelief, that is alright as well. And if you think we’ve lost it and are completely crazy, well go right ahead thinking so—but you can bet your bottom dollar we are crazy and happy at the same damn time!!! ♥

With Peace & Lots of Love, all the way from Malem,

Egypt E. M.


King Frank May 734

Egypt English 734

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Against a liquid fence

I Saw God . . . then I heard S’He speak.

April 12, 2013 — Akenatzy Country [Clover, VA] (originally posted to Nadira’s Locs)

Call me crazy, but my day was amazing . . . Selah.

A voice in nature - Nappy Nahdee

I have never in my life been so, so something. After work today I left the office, and I did the usual: wait on my brother and his partner to finish up work in the backwoods. So I sat up against a wood fence and took in the scenery. It was magnificent, divine. As I’m writing this know that I’m beyond overwhelmed with emotion at this point… Still standing here, barefoot, stuck, and trying to make sense of all that just happened to me, trying to relay to you all that God just gave me. Continue reading


Tañyi 2016 | Not to beat a dead horse but’ah…

\\\ LoveTrips™ Update ///

This past 365 days and some change sought to conjure up a whirlwind of topsy-turvies for us to not only endure but to prevail over. And because many of you are not aware, I’ll just say the 365 days which preceded this now passing catastrophic year wasn’t what I would call a walk in a beautifully forgotten park either—eh, more like an anxiously heart palpitating run through the dark and lonely streets of Time Square, New York just before midnight, chasing an again soon to be forgotten falling skittle. No, Frank and I were newlyweds of the elopish sort—and had been forced to separate spaces, but never hearts for four long seasons: Tañyi, Waneñi1, Weha Ehimpe2, and Wehe Píma3 –that Winter was the coldest season I’d ever faced, and we both in our own worlds had survived the 2010 blizzard in the montañas of Frostburg. Continue reading