#Teaspiration Thursday | The Universe Shall Conspire. . .#foryourgood

The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.

The Universe Shall Conspire - WearYourPurple

Disclaimer: This image was created mere moments before I drew August 18th’s #Teaspiration. . . couldn’t make this life up if I had an eternity to write this tale.

I love you all! I miss your vibrations!

I will be back to writing more and vibing more with you, my Loves, when I’m able to sit still for more than just a breath of fresh air. Do know all is well in the Kingdom, and I speak the same for you all as well.

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Always unconditional love,

—♥ Egypt

Egypt English's performance at Takoma Station Tavern DC

#Teaspiration Thursday | They can’t fxck with your heka. Period.

Be proud of who you are . . .

. . .because you were created from all of the same elements as the stardust floating in the celestial sphere above you. You were created with the ability and capacity to will into existence whatever your conscious mind can fathom, and all that your dear heart could ever desire—your magic is priceless. Know this to be true.

Jahla! Jahla! and Jahla one more time! I love you all, no surprise there !^_^!



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But, Before You Say Yes

A Thomas Point of View

I was at the nail salon last month talking to other clients. You know how women do? We meet another client in a beauty salon or nail bar and it’s like we’re old friends. That’s what happened. We started laughing and talking about dating, marriage, relationships and children. One of the women that I met asked me after hearing that I was divorced “Did you like being married?” and “Would you ever do it again?”

I paused. I’ve heard this question asked before. It’s usually beautiful and younger women who’ve yet to meet the man of their dreams wanting to hear some romantic notion of princes and white horses. I smiled and said “Yes, I liked being married and Yes, I would do it again.” She smiled. You could tell that’s what she needed to hear as she navigated the dating jungle.

I laughed. I said, “But, before you say…

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#Teaspiration Thursday | Rise to meet the good morning

May this day bring you peace, tranquility and harmony . . .

… that is if you do your part, step flesh aside and allow your divinity to come your way. You must make room in your life—your mind, your body and your spirit—for your peace, tranquility and harmony. When either of your life facets is cluttered with unpositive thoughts, bad foods, and/or negative energy it will not matter how beautiful your today truly is, because your space will be too messy to notice even the grandest of blessings or the most obvious of good tidings being bestowed upon you.

Jahla My Loves,


Rise to meet the good morning - LoveTrips™ #Teaspiration Thursday

Margarita Nativadad


A eulogy well deserved.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

—John 15:13



too young for 6 kids

she looked like an older sister


tattoos running over shoulder blades like ivy and water

how many of us have strength in our convictions

enough to ACT

in her




Natividad was a mother first

a gang-land-martyr


in defence of a friend

she jumped like a gazelle

catching fatal bullet

a heroine never to

receive frankincense or mir

she would not get eulogies for being born

one of many who are poor on the wrong

side of town where graffiti and guns become

her flowers

she reminds us of courage

she reminds us of how few

have the convictions they preach

or the strength to follow them

Queen G who dreamed of a future

beyond violence,  a testimony

to goodness, raise her up

an angel to watch over

grieving children proud to know

their mother was a lioness

with a heart…

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Blind Whino - District of Columbia

#Teaspiration Thursday | Built for this sh!t

There is nothing more precious than self-trust.

—Egypt’s reaches for a cup of tea while on the verge of breaking.

“For you! Your body! Your health! Your love! Your life. Be blessed. Live blessed. Stay blessed.”


“Transitioning into a wealthy and healthy lifestyle is hard—probably the most uncomfortable and undesirable things on Earth for a person who has lived his or her entire life indulging freshly human cravings. I can attest to this feat. However, and thus, the last person on this good ole’ bluegreen earth who should be able to defeat you in a battle stealth, wit, strength, humility, courage or bravery is yourfxckin’self bruh …excuse my fingers, but seriously—think about it…if I am defeated by Self that’s like me saying I outsmarted myself. Uh, no I’m sorry, but do I look stupid to you? That makes no sense. YOU! are the only being at this precise moment who is capable of knowing what YOU are thinking right now at this moment as you read this. YOU are the only being who has the capacity to accurately predict what you are about do after reading this, so surely you can get your life …back. 💋🌷🌐💕🙏👑”

I love you all to edge of the stars and back again…

—♥ Egypt

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