Happy Belated 1 Year Anniversary LoveTrips™

A Triumphant Anniversary of the Faithful Sort ♥

By now you all know that Frank and I’s primary religions have always been faith, and the highest law observed by both him and myself is love. If that’s not clear by this point in time then you obviously don’t rock with me for my blog posts. BUT! that’s okay because I love you anyway, and to all my dear Loves, my Queens, my Kings who have been rocking with us since the beginning of all of our LoveTrips™ madness! and or hopped on board this mountain train somewhere since HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY TO US!

{August 6th ♥^_^♥}

I sit, and I raise my cup of Triumph tea to you! because you’re still HERE! And to Self, I pour a swig of E&J for the yesteryear me. Why? Well despite all my ups and downs, happys and sads, soul searches and soul purgings, I am HERE too! now. And I dare say many of you know you have been Inspirations 101’s and 401’s along the last year of Frank and I’s lovetrips. The latter, according to me, is nothing less than love personified and oh so exemplified to its highest! Know because of your love, and encouragement of faith in the times which harbored the good ole’ silver lining that often appears none existent — you all fueled my hope.

On my honor, know each day I praise the Universe and all of the Elohim for rearranging whatever pieces, atoms, and molecules in order for each of you beautiful souls to drift in, around and through our space. .  . [to be continued. . . ]

. ♥ .I love you till the end of time and back again. Know this to be true. ♥ .

♥ Egypt

 First post . . .

The Stage

#Teaspiration Thursday | Mahadrah's Thicket - Poem on Instagram

#Teaspiration Thursday | You, mighty oak. . .

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

—So said good ole’ Ralph Waldo Emerson in the midst of getting high off nature…

You are powerful. Yes, just you alone. All that you desire is fathomable and realizable, but you first have to accept and overstand the gravity of you in your present time and space.

#thinkaboutit: If one acorn is capable of producing a thousand forests, and this we know both science and religion will account for…then you can surely imagine all that you are destined to create in this lifetime—well, providing you focus all of your thoughts and actions. . . you know your vibrations, frequencies, and energies. . . on being in the slightest degree as formidable as that wee little acorn. 

You Mighty Oak - Teaspiration Thursday

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Pillow Talk | 09-21-2016 / 11:21pm

So this evening has been really cozy for Frank and I. After work we hopped in our pajamas, then into bed with our laptops and our two new babies Elijah (Lijah) and Espiritú (Spirit) [cats], popped in The Revenant—which we’ve been attempting to watch for 3 nights now …Redbox … :-/       Nevertheless, we’re listening to it while mostly allowing it watch us as I organize all of your beautiful spaces in WordPress and Bloglovin’ and Frank works on a 26-page case law document on Land Title and other laws and whatnots . . . clearly y’all know who’s the boring one … ♥^_^♥

Love y’all . . . ♥

Entrepreneurship 101 - Don't Doubt Your Progress

Stop doubting your progress because of your process | Entreprenuership 101

#truestory: My middle name may as well have been Procrastination.


For quite some time I was convinced I was broken, and that my procrastination was nothing more than a bad habit.      How’s that for going against the social grain?     I’m sure many of my former English professors will shiver at such a blasphemous statement if they happen to click this link. Nevertheless, do rest assured if PROCRASTINATING is your thang…know I stand by you 100% and do nothing less than support and encourage you to be the greatest Procrastinator you could ever be!

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Tongue Ring Tricks

I like your tongue ring” —the five infamous first words spoken by Frank to me at a table surrounded by our peers;      the unlikely first impression that captured my intrigue and flung us both 5 years deep into a love we somehow managed, but could never have dreamt. Eh,          and now half a decade in, over a splurge of a dinner and some so-so drinks, I realized I was hoodwinked and bamboozled by the clever-tongued snake I call my forever-lover. Oh! but how so E? you may ask… well, my Loves I can change my tongue ring a million and one times in a day …a million different colors, patterns or shapes mind you…I could lose it and fail to replace it for two weeks or two months—#beentheredonethat—and would you believe this Man will never notice. . .

Tongue Ring Tricks