The summer of internal and external renovations

Egypt English Loc'd fresh & anew

I didn’t see Frank around campus anymore following the graduation party. When spring semester came to an end I headed home for the summer—back to Virginia. After the whole bottle-breaking catastrophe a big part of my time was spent getting to know the one person I never really tried to fall in love with. . . myself.

I had always been somewhat of a fashion rebel—I wore what others considered fashion “no-no’s” simply because I liked it. However around that time, I started soul-searching for my own style. For the first time, I was learning to dress my figure, my curves. That February I had decided to stop relaxing my hair, and started exploring natural styles. So when I got home I chose to begin the locking process. No one, not my family, my friends, or even my stylist of 8 years believed I would make it pass the summer. Nevertheless, I was determined to begin Fall 2011 with a mental and physical makeover. I wanted to start fresh and anew.

Egypt English Loc'd fresh & anew

Egypt English “Loc’d fresh & anew” Fall 2011 by

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