Four months

In a matter of four months our lives transformed—like magic, go figure. These transitions have happened so fast, I have barely had the time to collect my thoughts, let alone pen them…okay, type them. Yet, here I am. One o’clock Ante Meridian, pinned between Frankie Baby and our pint-sized cherub who takes up an unnecessary enormous amount of space in our bed to have such a compact body. Here I am, with a moment to breathe, by way of writing.

Last January, we knew we wanted to make the best of 2018—we had not quite figured out how, however. Nevertheless, we knew we desired a year of abundance, economic stability and freedom, room in our lives to breathe. How we would get to that place in that space with all the amenities we needed and wanted, we literally left up to Great Spirit, and commenced to putting in work.

I found out so much about myself during my pregnancy, but the most powerful piece of knowledge I gained was the realization that I am pretty freakin’ magical, and I am magnet for attracting and endless flow of wealth. I knew this was possible prenatal and experienced it many times in spurts, but when motherhood seeped deep into my veins, I became a new woman.

To be honest, the energy I was running off of was one-of-a-kind. I cannot explain it. Nesting took on a whole other shape. I was nesting at home, but home is where the heart is, and my heart is always with me, so I was nesting everywhere. I was performing, in and out of recording studios, vending at popup shops, studying content marketing and to be a Seyeraha, finishing an EP and an ebook, cleaning out our home, and working a fulltime job as a report analyst…

Woke again, 5:48 Antes Meridian

As I was saying before falling asleep after a 2 o’clock nursing session, I was blog consulting, jewelry making and podcasting; dream interpreting and life coaching (often compensated in love notes) — and as I half sit, half lay awake with a sleeping Tzar in my sleeping left arm, I realize I spent 2019 testing waters, figuring out not only what made me coins, but what truly made my heart sing the loudest and the most genuinely and graciously.

See, I went into the Year of the Pig with a desire to make a career out of freelancing. I had no clue how that would work out. All I did know is I needed freedom everywhere in my life. I needed to feel alive doing the things I loved while still building a wealth of finance, knowledge and experience. I also desire to be able to be myself…both and all of me’s…the human, the artist and her muses. So, I set my intentions to pretty much do all that and more.

I found out even structured freedom could be wonderful. Slowly but, surely I found myself here, freelance blogging, still consulting for a global information company, teaching art to inner city youth, and prepping to began an adventure of a lifetime with my consort learning how we can create a paradigm shift in the social justice atmosphere of Baltimore with water…

What is life if it is not happiness?

It is not life if there is no happiness, you are simply existing.

I desire security, but at the end of this life I also need to be able to say I lived and knew freedom. Ultimately, it is my goal to show others like me that we can manifest the freedom to live and be happy, but that journey is a constant work in progress.

For now, I am simply taking in this new scenery along this unworn path. This year is bound to be exciting, and I am elated to recount it and translate it into emotions over the next 365 days and some moon phases.

Yes, I will be still taking you along for my food journey, play dates with Zee, lovetrips with Frankie Baby, poetry ventures, The Monday Train rides, and more, but everything has its time and place. After all, you cannot force happiness and perfection is myth. I am on an adventure to leave behind a legacy, my story — a story that in and of its own nature is unrivaled.

I still love you beyond infinity,


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The Monday Train

Experience BWI

*Feature image from my brother’s wedding – Bushel & A Peck Photography

Living Our Dreams - Baltimore National Aquarium

Living Our Dreams In Portions

Life in the May house has been on the up and up this past year, to say the least. Now, do not get it twisted, we have had some oopsie daisies and low points. However, mostly, we have been living the gracious man’s version of high off the hog. (No pigs were harmed in the making of the year.)

We still like to retreat, relax and reflect on how far we have come since the beginning of this lovetrip. I will be the first to tell you, you can plan your life down to your very last breath if you want, but trust me; life will laugh in your face and teach you a thing or two about improvisation.

So much of what I dreamed over the last 5 years has manifested in unexpected ways. Many things are merely just beginning to bud, and others are still barely seeding. All blows my mind. Where has the time gone? Like seriously, we have a whole son?

When I first boarded this train to forever and 80 years, Frank and I were just two post-grad college kids dreaming about doing great things. We were still vibing off of our mountain love high. We had visions of dismantling all of the fxck sh!ts of society and living the life of the rich and famous. Then we both accepted revolution does not require martyrdom, and neither us likes drama that comes with fame. We are more the Netflix and chill after a performance type of couple. Plus, we definitely game for a twilight mission as Octonauts at the Baltimore National Aquarium on corporates’ tab kind of family.

Yes, we still like to hit the town and paint it rainbow-colored and drop the mic and hear rounds of applauses and “hell yeah’s” while watching our wealth accumulate. However, we also found love in the effort and confidence it takes to paint a beautiful life. We have a renewed and greater appreciation for the faith and commitment required to manifest dreams into our reality—together and independently.

Every day the fruits of our love and labor grow sweeter. Each day a new door reveals more opportunities, and grander windows open and in pours graces. As a result and appreciation, our pens never stop writing our perfect life. I am thankful and grateful for the ink we have been given, regardless of the colors, shades, and/or quality.

You have my heart indefinitely. Your best life is in my dreams,


Does Your Food Make You Happy - Happiness & Food

Does Your Food Make You Happy?

Raise your hand if you have a food dance. I have one —although, I was not aware I did until Frankie started calling me out about it a little over a year ago. Let us be honest, most of us see our favorite foods or simply food in general and become entranced in a temporary euphoric state of happiness. Not to mention when we take that first bite on the road to food coma city. Yet, we all know food is merely a substitute for happiness. Nowadays, I desire that food only garnish my happiness.

The truth is food does not make me happy regardless of how good it tastes or how comforting it may be. Think about it, we have heard the tale of the tragic breakup leading someone spoonful after spoonful down the Rocky Road of ice creams. At the end of the tub of pleasures, the brokenhearted is still left with a bucket of tears. And who has not eaten way too much of their favorite food and regretted it later?

I know what it is like to eat your cares away—trust me. I spent almost a year battling with digestive issues. Almost everything I ate made my stomach cringe—even the healthy choices. I realized slowly, but surely, food was not the source of my healing or my happiness. Now, I know what it is like to go find healing and happiness and then return to food without convictions.

Before I went vegetarian or started working out, I lost 80 pounds and some change in a year. I found my path to happiness months before I began losing weight.

Somewhere between trying to eat healthier and wanting to eat the foods I love, I found a perfect balance. For me, the balancing act is what makes life worth living. Yes, we should enjoy our favorite foods. Yes, a good meal with good friends should excite you. However, life, itself, should always be the source of your happiness.

Love, as always


Veggie Worldwide Egypt’s Food Diary

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Veggie Worldwide Food Diary

Good Food & Good Edits

Food will change you.

Life has a funny way of forcing you to make decisions you had not planned on making—sort of like when the smell of good food hits your stomach and before you know it you are knee-deep in your second plate of holiday dinner. The latter premise is how we arrived here—me writing to you from what looks like and feels like a whole new space. In some ways, the place I am in life is different. My space—this blog is different, but the love is the same, still flourishing. See, I have a passion for a lot of things, but the cream that rises to the top is a brilliant mixture of writing to inspire and eating to love. What you will find over time prior to these meanderings are salvaged snapshots of my life over the past five years.

So, here we are, standing on the edge of an old adventure made new. I am prepared to take you along on my journey to a place where love, laughter, good food, and good edits feed the tummy and fill the heart.

Love, as always


Veggie Worldwide Egypt’s Food Diary

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Historic Rosemont Manor King Frank May and Egypt English

We Found Love At Rosemont

Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.

—Tena Desae

Yeah, so I’m pretty sure we took the titles Lord and Lady of the Manor to a whole other level for our anniversary/my birthday getaway, but could there have been a greater display of wealth and splendor?¿—and no—I do not mean the opulent staircase, Grand Portico, or majestic grounds of the Historic Rosemont Manor. No, while all of the latter is surely breathtaking, I am speaking of the hearts that move about the manor, center stage and behind the scenes—those who host the elegant tea parties, tend to the stately grounds, prepare and serve the delectable breakfast dishes, maintain the cleanliness of such an immaculate estate—and even those with fur and glowing eyes that scare the heebie-jeebies out of you in the midnight hours as you travel through the gate after a charming dinner in Old Town Winchester. Yes, I am speaking of the hearts we embraced which beat like Sioux feet, and embraced us back with love and that “oh my goodness, Sister Sue is the plug” for homemade jam! Yes, my loves, four months and some change later Frank and I are still in love with Rosemont.

You know us—we live for love, and we love how we love. You are well aware by now that our art separately and combined is always our highest expression of our love—so even on our anniversary we loved so hard and made the most of our time. Some days this can be a challenge, but the Rosemont tribe ensured that we could make the most of the one day we had to spare in our busy bee day-to-day. I mean seriously mis Andestagōnwa I got a chance to twirl like a madwoman about one of the grandest porticoes western Virginia has to offer—literally, until I was dizzy—without as much as an awkward side-eye. You know you have had an undeniably ravishing time when you leave a place and your only “regret” is not taking your beautiful hostesses up on the invitation to slide across the luxuriously kept hardwood floors…in your socks.

Of course, you will find millions and millions of places all around the globe that would make for wonderful wedding venues, tea parties, one-night stays, and humble vacation getaways, but when you find a place that comes jam-packed with good energy and good people who simply love to love, and enjoy being good company just as much as they enjoy having good company—you cherish them—you hold those places near and dear to your heart. You remember them, do your best not to forget them—and you show them off, because you desire the world to see that it does not take cookie-cutter people, yes men or people who you have known for years and years, or those who you are sure share your every belief, viewpoint, favorite dish, opinion or taste in fashion per se. No, it only takes people who are willing to love just as much as you are willing to give this world a blossoming future. Rosemont blossoms. Spring has sprung, Summer has budded and despite Autumn swiftly approaching, we can be certain Rosemont is still buzzing and will still be buzzing with love come Winter snowfall.

So, where will you be having your next spot of tea my loves? Where will you unwind in your next luxurious bubble bath? Where will you tie the love knot, if not in and around love?…

My Favorite Spot: Eh, everywhere was divine! but definitely the Grand Portico for its sublime views, the Einstein Room for its quietly complex Einsteiness, and the Kennedy Suite—I simply adored the painting of Lady Kennedy! ^_^ #sayidorosemont.