When you live a life supplied with ammunition transmutated from the negative energies, red tape and worldwide, ass-backwards politics—you tend to seek things, comforts in your daily life. Comforts that will take your mind off your selfless duties and human-task. Comforts you can collect in some manner and surround yourself with. . . Well, I’ve personally fell in love with FLAG SNATCHING!    

   Ironically, not your traditional collectibles or those that wave gallantly in the Spring breeze outside of international capital buildings and embassies.  No, those are more of Frank’s pleasures . . .   I, on the other hand, prefer the digitally mastered, less space taken up in the house version, at least for now. Still, I don’t want just any ole’ Google search image. Uh, uh—won’t do. I need the flags you all drop: those are the ones I crave.               Do they not look so smashing!

Thank you kindly for your flags, your eyes, your hearts and if you’ve been spreading it your L-O-V-E! You all are wonderful — you fill my heart and spirit with raysmany colors ☺

Keep those flags coming!!!

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