#Teaspiration Thursday | A compilation of yesterdays
What is done today is the tomorrow.—Egypt and Frank talk discipline /// Every yesterday in its prime was a today.
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#Inspired | Create your own setbacks 101
... trainwrecks anyone? they're all free—oh yeah and the three years worth of "frivolous, turn'up on the weekends, did not
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#Teaspiration Thursday | Bedtime tea…
When you act with compassion you will never be wrong. —Egypt late for tea... In your interactions with other people,
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The Monday Train

Your Vision Your Life

The Monday Train is on a journey to help artists from all walks of life and creativity keep their lives on the right track. Aboard The Monday Train you will vibe, think, laugh and maybe even shed a joyful tear, but above all, you will be inspired, encouraged and motivated to create your picture-perfect life.