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7 Tips to Feed 50 Wedding Guests on a Budget | #WeddedWednesday

Food! You can’t have a wedding without food—well you can, but why on Earth would you want to? There are many ways to save tons of money when it comes to your wedding reception, especially if you are dedicated to staying true to your budget. By now, I am sure we have all heard the ancient proverb “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, for Frank and I, in our respective tribes you could say we never really reached true adulthood in our parent’s eyes. Some days this placement within the tribal hierarchy can prove to be a charming nuisance, but on most days, it will prove to be a perfect reflection of Mother Nature’s consistent nurturing of the life she created.  That said…everyone has a family! —blood or water-based, your family is family…it’s always tribal.

Frank and I budgeted $1000 for our wedding ceremony and reception, but his parents ended up gifting us our food and cake budget, weekend wedding stay accommodations and a few other knick-knacks here and there. Nevertheless! The budget did NOT change just because some expenses were gifted! Instead, the money we had allotted from our own purse strings moved to savings, bills, and whatnot, as if already spent.

Okay, enough rambling…on to the how? ….

  1. First, I cleared all prior thoughts about what makes a great wedding menu. That was a lot of clearing because ever since I can remember I’ve been watching wedding shows on TV and attending weddings—soaking up ideas like a sponge. You must clear your mind of “must do thoughts”, especially if those thoughts are encouraging you to mimic, to the tee, someone else’s reception breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.  You are not that couple. Therefore, their priorities are not yours.
  2. Second, we decided on the guest list! This is most important, of course, {probably should have been first on the list}. You need to know how many mouths will need to be fed. We were just as all over the place with our guest list as all our other plans, and so last minute that our list ended up a lot smaller than initially planned. We also missed inviting some special people as a result…*take notes my Loves! and do better!
  3. Next, we decided on food. Frank and I are vegetarian 90% of the time, the other 10% pescatarian, and I will eat chicken every so often. We knew our guests well enough to know chicken would be welcomed on the menu, and because we had plans to grill we threw in hot dogs.
  4. Alright, so, I don’t know too many places in Sapponī catering hot dogs, broccoli, cabbage, mac’n’cheese, rolls, wingettes, cheesecake tarts, cake, and a few just in case pieces of tilapia. My Hena is always trapping that good ole’ southern eating, and Frankie Baby’s Aunt makes the best cherry cheesecake tarts in the world #handsdown. Thus, find a family member who practices immaculate food hygiene and can throw down in the kitchen, and have him or her cater your food with love! If you’re really taking it back to the basics, have a potluck (but don’t forget to handpick your entree bearers accordingly. #noshadejusttea). 
  5. Purchase your food yourself or have someone you trust to purchase the food! Buy bulk! We utilized Sam’s Club because there is one in Sapponī, but there is Costco, BJ’s and I’m sure a whole host of other clubs I’m not aware of. We are not Sam’s Club’s members either, but a family member let us borrow her card for the weekend (We love your life Sis!)
  6. Now…do you want a beautiful delicious expensive cake or a beautiful delicious affordable cake? We went for affordable, and we got delicious, customized and beautiful! Plus, Sam’s Club won again, with a 24hr notice the cake was ready on our wedding day.
  7. Aces in their places! On the day of know who is doing what…Frank and I were slightly chastised by our parents because we didn’t have a list of to-do’s, priorities and must-haves for our family to go by, so we did a lot more work on our day. More work than the family thought we should, and they had to get creative after they shooed us away…*eh, life lessons, water under a sturdy bridge*
    1. Have an Ace or two in charge of picking up the cake, and ice.
    2. Have an Ace in charge of setting up the tables.
    3. Your caterer, in our case my Maa, should be focused on one thing only: food prep.

Quick notes: Some people have asked, “how did you know how much food to purchase?” Well, I was that child working in the kitchen for all those Sunday events at church, so I have a decent eye for how much food it takes to feed 100 or so mouths. Nevertheless, it was my Maa who encouraged “less is more” because she had already factored in weather conditions, our last minute invites, travel distances, and to-be-expected cancellations. Gotta love a mother’s intuition. Therefore, if your caterer is used to planning for gatherings like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners or preparing for family reunions then he or she can basically take one look at your guest list count and tell you how much food you will need. Even with“cutting our spending”, we ended up buying $75 worth of food and party favors that we did not use the day of, because we planned for 50 but 25 attended; and it rained, so we did not grill the hot dogs or tilapia.

When it comes to weddings, family and friends like to be involved in the process! After all, these are the same people who have been there when your days were dark and dreary, so don’t be afraid to seek their love. For our family, this wasn’t just the marriage of Frank and I—it was a marriage of two unique tribes.

Well…that’s that… ☺

Biwa & Andestagōnwa!




Below you’ll find our budget …

Wedding Budget Cake Ideas DIY
We literally took home 70% of the 2-tier cake…because most people devoured the cookie tray and candies we purchased first. *wedding cake can be so expensive and it often goes to waste.* ^_^
Wedding LoveTrips™ the BLOG Wedding Budget Ideas DIYBudget Ideas DIY
6 trays were more enough for 25 guests to have seconds! and Hena prepared 8 trays worth of food.
Item Expense Unused Amount
Dress Materials (Mother = Seamstress)  $        60.00
Dress’incase  $        50.00  $        (50.00)
Headdress  $          5.00
Shoes  $          5.00
Bouquet  $        40.00
Suit –Tie, Tie Clip  $        55.00
Shoes  $        45.00
Honeymoon Outfit (Egypt)  $          8.00
Wedding venue  $        40.00
Honeymoon stay  $     175.00
Travel (Gas, food – HM included)  $     100.00
Invitations  $               –
Food  (you are here)  $        80.00  $        (40.00)
Cake and Party Favors  $        60.00  $        (35.00)
Décor/Utensils/Eatery  $        80.00  $        (25.00)
Photography (printing)  $        50.00
*Videography  $               –
Bridal Party Accessories  $        35.00  $        (10.00)
Officiant  $               –
Music  $               –
*Marriage license  $            n/a
*Rings  $            tbc…  
*Wedding planner  $               –
Set up and Take Down  $               –
 Wedding Weekend Hotel Stay  $     Gifted
Total of Expenses  $     888.00  $      (160.00)
 Total minus Unused Amount   $     743.00  ————————–

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