Garden of Sallee ✽ | #FridayWoosah

I rose up
out of the darkness.
And there was never another flower
to bloom in the manner I did, nor any others
which could merely hope to rise as vibrant,
and with as much fiery,
or to be as delicate as the two
who rose in the years
after I emerged from the rich Earth.

—✽ E. E.✽—

Songs in the Key of Saponi

4 thoughts on “Garden of Sallee ✽ | #FridayWoosah

  1. SOULar Lioness™ says:

    Beautiful. This is just what I need. I am so happy that WordPress actually got it right for a change. Ha, ha. I found your blog under Recommended Sites For You. I like what I see already! ❤ Art, poetry, wonderful insights. I can't wait to explore your blog some more. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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