We Manifested…

I did not fear the spirits—restless souls, entities and hellhounds—that roamed about our childhood home in my youth, or those that followed me into love. Yet, I feared the makings of my own restless spirit, my demons, my tribe’s maternal traumas, and many attachments—spiritual ones, mental ones, and physical ones. Those fears lead me to fear my greatest joy, one I had only spent countless moons and seasons wishing, praying and meditating upon—a chance at motherhood, a chance at carrying love in my womb and baring a child to crown—a chance many said I could and would never have. I feared my consort having to settle for a life with only me—as if that was not the first and only life he had set out to live when we first sat by those October train tracks sipping on Jamaican Me Happy. I had to give up my fears, my worries, my self-doubts, my addictions—all of my inhibitions. We had to throw away our futile manmade cares, let our freedom hang out, and look back to our stars, our planets, our moons, and our many aspects—those that had first charted our way—and we had to fall back into us.


—♥Su Hena


#Teaspiration Thursday | trust me not’s be like…

In life, don’t create just an impression, create a trust.

What good does it do you or your life’s purpose to have another person look upon and/or regard you as someone who is accountable, responsible or trustworthy in one instant—if you make no further effort to maintain such credibilities…?

Good day! Peace and Love to you all! I pray your week as been well thus far ♥

—♥Egypt E.♥—

#Teaspiration Thursday - Trust Me Not's

#Teaspiration Thursday | Bringing down Jericho

“Act selfless, you will be infinite.”
—Egypt ponders over Humanity’s selfishness…

I had no reason to live. At least not until I began focusing my life and professional goals around the needs of the world around me; the world of both—my immediate space and humanity space at large.

That is the great grand secret to a fulfilled life: You will never truly feel alive until you are unapologetically putting forth the efforts to complete the task, works, deeds, missions and degrees your soul came back to Earth to get accomplished.

We often spend much of our time conflicted by our own worldly desires and our earthly circumstances…i.e. financial crisis, lack of time, lack of resources, etc. In the midst of this conflict, we rarely stop to realize that outside of our own personal bubble life is happening for everyone simultaneously. Yes, I know we know the latter, but how often do we ignore the plight of others who may even have it worse than we do.

Think about it. Your worst day is a day you wake up and realize you only have $10 to your name, but there is a roof over your head, gas is your whip, food on your table (whether preferred or not it’s edible), clothes on your back, funds pending, and another day to shift your life upward. We will complain about not having more than $10; yet, we will have no urgent needs for more than what we have at that given moment. And then we will have the audacity to ignore our fellow brothers and sisters, who live day to day without those luxuries of modern resources… not even a $1, a roof, consistent food and transportation, clean clothes, simple hygienic pleasures, and the list goes on and on.

We ignore the malnourished. We ignore the hungry. We ignore the homeless. We ignore the strung-out. We ignore the miseducated. We ignore the misfits and the outcasts. We ignore those who have yet to know justice. We ignore all of the latter and more but still complain about our lives unfortunate events. Well, unfortunately, my Dear Loves that is indeed how life works—cause begets effect, actions beget reactions.

You have to input something into the “living equation” to get life out. Smiles, well-wishes, time, physical resources, emotions, passion, energy, brainpower, blood, sweat, and tears will all be required of you at some point in your life. To produce in your own personal life, you will need the latter. And you will reap what you are due based on your sewn efforts. However, when you set your Mind, Body and Spirit to raising your personal vibrations, uplifting fallen humanity, and returning Love, Peace, Truth, Justice or Freedom—the liberations of all sorts—to all people you become infinite. When you are in the business of giving life, speaking life—LIFE is all you can receive in return. Life will be your just reward.

Love you,


#Teaspiration Thursday | Superhero sh!t

“Love is an infinite power” —#FACT

Just sippin’ my tea.

As humans, we are not perfect. We don’t always go about solving problems in the best way possible—well that’s okay, neither does the Fantastic Four…I mean is it just my vision or do superheroes tend to destroy just as much of their cities fighting the same crime that is destroying the cities, eh. Somedays we even manage to unintentionally neglect those who are closest to us leaving rifts to be mended. Often we are simply too hasty while making passionate decisions that can cause us future grief—and not to mention real and metaphoric headaches. Nevertheless, your human behaviors are just that! human behaviors—easily forgotten, forgiven and alleviated when we act with LOVE at the forefront of all that we do.

Love has the power to change you, change others, change environments and change circumstances. So even when love seems to be the hardest thing to do, and the farthest thing from your mind be like NIKE— just do it!  Find the minutest something to love about every moment and every person in your life. Maybe you’re down on your luck and all the bills are due… love that you are here in this moment to learn something, to grow somehow, even if you cannot see the silver lining. Perhaps you landed yourself in this position by wasteful spending, a lack of planning or the “woe is me/the world hates me” attitude you’ve sent into the universe for the last few weeks. Maybe you’ve encountered someone who means you or others no good, LOVE THOSE TYPES OF SPIRITS TOO! Like seriously, love the fact you are now able to decide how to deal with people like the latter so you won’t risk being burned. Love them for displaying his or her despicable ways, because that shows you how not act, function and degrade yourself in this world.

In the end, no matter what you have or will encounter in life, just love. . .


It all started with a big train…

A train rolled into the same tourist station—the same turn-around every Sunday at noon—for who knows how long. Yet in the 4 + years both of us had been in the mountains of Frostburg, Maryland, we had never heard, seen or knew anything of that old coal engine. Nevertheless, that faithful Sunday sitting in the old-timey western diner, eating our burgers and fries we saw black smoke rising above the valley treetops. Moments later the big black steam engine, 734, made its way around the bend and came to a screeching halt on the track right outside the window of the diner. Next, like a scene right out of Twilight Zone, a conductor fully adorn in a nostalgic railroad uniform hopped down from the cab and hundreds of people from many nations flooded out onto the dock.

Families with children and couples with sparks in their eyes and picnic baskets in hand bombarded the loading deck, then the rest-stop and finally the walking trails. Baffled and amazed we made our way out into the hustle, bustle, and commotion. I stood on the track like a damsel in distress—after all, it did feel as if we’re in a movie. Frank laughed, and marvel at the ridiculous amount of people who now crowded the small valley parking lot, and of course at me standing in the presence of such a beautifully crafted historic hunk of metal—grinning like an over-sized child.

—Spring 2012

Peace & Love

♥Egypt English