Life courses through my veins like gas

through fuel lines, and like the engine that drinks the 10% ethanol blend—

my body burns the life

from within Me

and I, too, am exhausted.

If someone had said to me 5 years ago, I’d be calling Greater Baltimore home. . . honestly now that I typed that— I have no clue what I would have said. I am pretty sure I would have dismissed the idea all together. Yet, that unfinished statement speaks for my life to date. I never in my wildest dreams would have pictured myself the woman I am today. 5 years ago, my world looked different. I was in a limbo’esque place in my life, neither hot nor cold: not knowing what to believe in, who to trust, or even who I was as being, let alone what I was capable of manifesting. Looking back with maturer, wiser eyes, and now from a elevated vantage point, I can now see how the intricate pieces of my disheveled life have begun to connect.

Question it all! and leave nothing for belief . . .

September 14th, 2011 is Frank and I’s going-steady anniversary: the paradigm shift of myLoveTrips™-Egypt-English-Knoweledge-Belief-Cosmology young adult life . . . my great awakening I suppose one would call it. This was around the same time my yearlong exploration of self, my mind and my desires came to plateau of some sort, and all of my unanswered questions started getting some answers. Incomprehensible at that time, but I had been and was still creating a very peculiar world for myself. See, at the innocent age of three I was programmed to ask question after question . . . at least that’s what my parents assumed. So, it didn’t come as a complete surprise when, at the age of twenty-two, I began questioning my life, my purpose, and most crucial—the religion I inherited from my parents and grandparents. I started questioning the “the government”, my freedoms, my history books, my education, the media . . . humanity as a unit.

More Than Influence

Well many people presumptuously accredited my shift in thinking to my relationship with Frank. When we first started dating Frank considered himself to be Agnostic. At that time, He rejected all organized religions. However, Frank was knowledgeable of all the prominent melanated leaders and revolutionaries,  a diligent student and observer of politics, and a master of the street-code. I, on the other hand,  had been Christian since birth. I was a student of human nature, a student of love. I studied the writers, poets and scientists of history. I was a master of country-living. Yet, unbeknownst to those around us, we found a common ground in art and communication. Thus, the stars began to align. We learned we shared the same disdain for the world-as-is. We both had space in our hearts for the relief from religious oppression, an end to corporate corruption and mass media manipulation, the annihilation of hunger and homelessness. And most importantly, we shared a desire for love, life and enlightenment.

Hindsight 20/20

LoveTrips™-I-Anchor-My-Own-Ship-Egypt-English-Self-Help-Relationship-Goals-AdviceThree years later I got a stamp of confirmation for my spiritual changes, professional goals and my life’s calling. All the time I’d spent finding myself in college, provided me with a plethora of self-reflections—which got me through the most emotional and mentally challenging year of my life. Now whenever I’m unsure of myself, my purpose, my goals and abilities I think back to the days I questioned everything, and I remember I always received my answers. Somehow when I needed guidance, it always came. When I was searching in the dark yelling, “WHERE’S THE LIGHT SWITCH?!”, I always managed to stumble upon an exit door.       I overstand now, that every solution, answer, and/or goal required to get to where I want to be is readily accessible to me. Passion, Ambition and Effort . . . that is all it takes.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.” — Matthew 7:7


♥ Egypt

“. . . My wildest dream” from The Ineludible Purging of Seaera Marie

© 2016 E. English Publishing Group

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