This never really goes well.

So, I have this childlike tendency to go head-to-head with the Big Kahuna. Usually, it all LoveTrips-blog-egypt-english-spring-relationship-advice-faith-power-of prayer-god-spiritual- gifts-religionstarts because I am so amp up about a new project or a challenge that I have or want to face. Lately, I’ve been so at odds with our current and highly unfavorable life circumstances that I side-complain. You know thank God for all the good things, but ask for all the poopy things to be magically fixed all in one breath.        Yeah, well— the Almighty can be really petty.

Pearl, while Queenin’, said to me once in the midst of my spirit rock-bottoming when you ask, pray and meditate for good things and new opportunities of the Universe, the Heavens will respond with turbulence—to ensure that you are ready for all the changes that are to come with your due blessings.        So pretty much God is trying to see if I’m really ’bout the life I say I’m want to live. Long story short —the Most High is clearly the Master of rope-a-dopes because the more I pray . . . the harder life gets.       Eh, challenge accepted.

 Love You All as Always, 

—♥E. English

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