The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.

The Universe Shall Conspire - WearYourPurple

Disclaimer: This image was created mere moments before I drew August 18th’s #Teaspiration. . . couldn’t make this life up if I had an eternity to write this tale.

I love you all! I miss your vibrations!

I will be back to writing more and vibing more with you, my Loves, when I’m able to sit still for more than just a breath of fresh air. Do know all is well in the Kingdom, and I speak the same for you all as well.

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Always unconditional love,

—♥ Egypt

0 thoughts on “#Teaspiration Thursday | The Universe Shall Conspire. . .#foryourgood

    1. All is well Lovey! As much as I love being in chill mode I’m having fun being a bit of a busy bee for once.

      How are you!? and yours …I’m going to scoot over to your space, lolz pinky swear!

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