Loveology 101 — If you forget all else...

Loveology 101 — If you forget all else…

You must know that being happy is your destiny—fulfilling your soul’s purpose is your birthright…#endofstory.

Overstand the world will throw every curveball possible in your direction as you are striving to be the ultimate YOU. Regardless of the obstacles, when you decide that you’re going to be happy and live fulfilled there is nothing or anyone capable of stopping you—because only you know and can execute your next move on the fly, or improve on if needed.

Loveology places you back in the driver’s seat of your success, your destiny and all of your heat’s desires. Learning to LOVE in all fashions is only hard because we have been reared in a world that for centuries has convinced us that HATE is easier and more effective in bringing about change. In the meanwhile, Mother Nature and the Universal Laws unwaveringly show us the exact opposite.

The reality is all elements, things, beings, and universal forces seek coherence—harmony or balance. Striving for love despite all obstacles elevates us to a place of coherence, a state of harmonious living which allows the floodgates of the heavens to burst wide open with gratitude and in return, shower down upon you everlasting love and all of your heart’s desires.


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7 Days of Loveology Starts Monday! | Loveology 101 — The Introduction ♥

You can call me conceited or whatever you’d like, but I’m just going to continue to believe that I’m your favorite LoveTrips™ conductor !^_^!  As always, I love you all!

Mecoú, Greetings—As-salāmu ʿalaykum, Biwa, Peace—Namaste


2016 wrapped up into a beautifully tailor-made, just-for-me fashioned whirlwind of an end—nevertheless, I have no complaints, nothing but love for the going out of the old year and old seasons in exchange for the coming in of the new year and new seasons.

Subsequently, I walked into 2017 with one mission—finish everything I started in twenty-sixteen. No exceptions, only transmutations. No wooden nickels, only gold doubloons.

Well, in order to do this I had to do what my Hena, Mother, has always insisted and persisted I do like a madwoman. My stars have bid me do the same. The tarot cards I’m learning three times consecutively have demanded me do so, and of course my sacred numbers. Thus, for the latter months of last year, I penned like a madwoman—cursing myself the whole way for not doing anything more than picking up a pen and dwelling for hours, suspended in deep contemplation like a cat over his magnificent, humanly unfathomable feline name—I spent most of my time dwelling on how to translate my brain farts into English.

In hindsight and fore—I have done all but succeeded. Yes, I’ve managed the translation my thoughts into a decently legible collage of words with my upcoming book “Love is Law,” but each time I believe I have reached a stopping point in my studies, I blow a gasket on some new Loveological find, and I’m thrown right back into the madwoman phase. Needless to say, you all just might get a bit lovesick with all of my talk of love :-P.


Nevertheless, you—my loves I need as my beautifully talented and mysteriously human guinea pigs! I kid, sorta. Eventually, I will be producing my first Loveology course, but I basically want to test drive a few concepts, as well as figure out the best approaches for online learning and engagement before throwing the course up on a website without the least bit of care.

I encourage class participation!!!

That means all feedback is always welcomed—be it, praise, constructive criticism, suggestions, thoughts, testimonials, corrections, debates, and/or even your opinions.


Biwa & Andestagōnwa


Stay tuned in all week long starting tomorrow! Saturday, February 18th for some basic fundamentals and some paradigm shifters.


#Teaspiration Thursday | This is not a Teaspiration …*whomp whomp*

You’d be a great hero if you could just save yourself.

How often do you find yourself thinking about how you could save the world? Think about those days when all is going wrong and you are convinced that you need to do something that will help as many souls as possible. . .

That is the type of people Frank and myself are…we desire to help everyone and save everyone. Truth is, reality sucks. Just like traveling back into the past will never change the outcome of the present, but can dictate the way you plan for the future—living your life with the goal of saving people will never change the world, but living with the purpose and divine intent to save yourself will ultimately bring you people who are looking for the key to salvation. Continue reading

#WednesdayWisdom | Be your bold, be your success.

#Teaspiration Thursday | More levels to this sh!t…

Be great, feel great, act great.

Being great is a product of both feeling great, and acting great. See, my version of greatness—although, possibly quite similar to your version of the like—is my very own version of greatness. Only I can tell you what I have witnessed to be greatness for myself. So, my dear,  I throw no shade when I say you could never be as great as me…and that is “A” okay because I know I can never be as great as you being you, but instead I can only be great like me being me…how’s that for saying the same thing a million times. Eh! …Nevertheless, wake up with intentions of “acting great!” Begin your day acting great and then you will surely end it feeling great about all of the great actions you took and things accomplished.

When you act great you feel great, and when you feel great—know that you are great!

Biwa & Andestagōnwa mis Amor



#Teaspiration Thursday | Big fish, small pond


Egypt performs Frank’s first Tarot reading

You feel like a fish out of your water. All of the other fish surrounding you are looking at you as if you fell from the great blue sky. You are moving differently, thinking differently, speaking differently and in an all out frenzy trying to live differently. You are starting to believe that maybe, just maybe you should fold in on yourself and duck back into your comfort zone. DO NOT! Instead, pause—survey your surroundings and take inventory of all your tangible and intangible resources. You will be surprised to find more times than not that you are indeed like the ocean fish who strayed far away from the currents of home and found oneself tossed by waves and thrown into a distant lake or pond.

…and because of this and so much more, you are truly amazing my Love!


Creating Your Own Setback 101

#Inspired | Create your own setbacks 101

So, It was my fault, I conjured the storm…

I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I’m content with all of my fxck ups and come ups…phew *wipes sweat from forehead*…it’s been a long time coming know this. My biggest challenge to date: accepting fate—accepting all that I have manifested, even if that looks like “zero” aka “nothing” from my earthly perspective.

See, I realize now that wherever I am in life at the present moment is due to my very own actions—nothing more or less. I cannot be mad or frustrated with all that Universe, Source or Provider has bestowed upon me, even if it is unfavorable because I asked for it—somehow, someway, in some shape, form or fashion I requested what I received. Yes, I know this is a hard pill to swallow and often a harsh reality to accept, but just because I dislike or disagree with hail storms does not make them any less real, eh.

Our interpretations of “setbacks” are most often the results of our very own inability to come to terms with the “I ain’t quite there yet’s” and the “I fxcked up’s” of life. Yea, I said it.

“Good grief Charlie Brown”…

I remember graduating college with this overwhelming cloud of misery hovering over my head…it was a very dark cloud—student loan “debt”, credit card “debt” and no concrete vision of what I planned to do with my super expensive college education. Can your spell D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N…

I felt as if I had hit rock bottom in my life; and yet, life for me was just beginning…it was as if the Universe had personally declared me a readymade failure. The reality is I was merely starting to see the results of all the decisions I had and had not made from, oh, we shall say 2005 to 2012 coming out of darkness into the, well, not so marvelous, but oh so marvelous light…*places gun to foot*

Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ves on Repeat

“Apply! Apply! Apply! for scholarships…” I remember hearing my guidance counselor say to me something like a million times from 9th grade through 12th. “Write! and apply for grants!” all of my English teachers wailed. “Join this club—apply for this contest,” insisted my science teachers and poetry mentors. “Learn to be conservative with your money!” pressed my parents...but I did none of this. And still, despite my lack of prepping, just as I had intended from day one of high school I chose a university that would take me as far as mis padres would allow me to venture away from the cow-roaming foothills of Sappony country.

For college, I was not prepared.

See, I was a first generation college student—which pretty much translates to “uh, I don’t know shat’ta about the higher academic process, except for all that mumbo-jumbo as seen on television.” And needless to say, I came up in the United States public school system which is—eh, well not the most encouraging or beneficial to Native American education…off or on our reservations. So yeah, I was a fish out of water, and all I possessed was my own brain and mind to facilitate the process of seeing myself through to graduation. And so let us toast to fate, because I tumbled, fell and crash-landed on the graduation stage, with an unnecessarily expensive degree in English, concentration—Literature …and of course, no real cares of being a school teacher or a writer… trainwrecks anyone? they’re all free—oh yeah and the three years worth of “frivolous, turn’up on the weekends, did not listen to MaaMa” credit card debt—NOT FREE PEOPLE—NOT!

Late Departures, Early Arrivals

So now, back to those setups…those self-deceptively disguised setbacks. Because I failed to think or act for five years down the road in all of the latter situations, and failed to plan in accord—I ultimately concocted my very own plan to fail—I set myself up for a crash and burn…one I would not see the spoiled fruits of until 7 years after I first began to seed and water them—chaos is always organized…when, where, why and how are simply mutable factors.

Nowadays,  I look back and I see only setups. I know I chose to make my bed hard when it came to my undergraduate studies. Thus, as Maa would say I had to lay in it! …but I rise from my slumbers realizing all that I learned and experienced allows me to know and be 100 times more diligent in my life planning process now. Plus, my setups can now serve as warning signs and roadmaps for others traveling along similar paths as I. For instance, seeing, experiencing and actively doing all that I did wrong and right gave me the push to help others who want to earn a higher education, but don’t know shat’ta about the higher academic process. When potential university goers consult me for college do’s and don’ts I can provide them with first-hand experience and the proof-positives and/or negatives. So, I shall conclude with, love your experiences—all of them, look for the setups in all that comes your way, and dismiss all that is unfavorable as good in its own right for your betterment in due time.

Remember no setbacks, setups only!

Know your today is always a reflection of your yesterday!

Until sometime soon…Maiiandestéka ♥

♥ Egypt


Teaspiration Thursday - Rose Shrouded in Thorns

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