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Life has a funny way of forcing you to make decisions you had not planned on making—sort of like when the smell of good food hits your stomach and before you know it you are knee-deep in your second plate of holiday dinner. The latter premise is how we arrived here—me writing to you from what looks like and feels like a whole new space. In some ways, the place I am in life is different. My space—this blog is different, but the love is the same, still flourishing. See, I have a passion for a lot of things, but the cream that rises to the top is a brilliant mixture of writing to inspire and eating to love. What you will find over time prior to these meanderings are salvaged snapshots of my life over the past five years.

So, here we are, standing on the edge of an old adventure made new. I am prepared to take you along on my journey to a place where love, laughter, good food, and good edits feed the tummy and fill the heart.

Love, as always


Veggie Worldwide Egypt’s Food Diary

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I am in the business of creating my best life with confidence. As a poet and recording artist, I have one unified duty — encourage love and inspire greatness by being the voice of nature. Connect with me via Instagram @leideEnglish or email me at Salaam.

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