Our Takeaway:

{Don’t ever be afraid to slow down your drive. Take a breather. Narrow your focus. Sit back and acknowledge, and be truly grateful for all that you have and haven’t asked for but you have received through your karmic deeds; holy mercy and heavenly high favor.}

Productivity this week, at least in terms of blogging, has been pretty darn low. Nevertheless,  writing has not stopped and nor has  life or business slowed down,  but I have.

I took some time this week to focus my fleeting energy on my personal health, my spiritual journey year-to-day, and a bit spiritual family planning.

Nowadays, I consciously seek to live a good karmic life. That meaning, I internalized the fact that what goes around comes around— you know like the golden rule stuff: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Likewise, I extend this lifestyle to all aspects of my surrounding, so go ahead call me a hippie-loving tree-hugger all you please . . . surely will not deny it. And of course, I’m still investing much time and actions into letting the universe know what it truly desire right here and now in this space and this time. I’ve been working to cover more and more of my wishes with my faith, trust and gratitude in advance.

I asked for more signs this week. Signs to know I have been heard, and signs to know whether or not I’m praying the right prayers for the right blessings at the right time.

I have yet to be disappointed. . .


Our first LoveTrips™ Meet, Greet, Connect and Link! will be this Thursday, so chill with me tomorrow for more information about the theme, and whatever else spill from my mental.

A Few Signs from the Guides; Week End April 3rd:

  • Water
  • Aquarius
  • 6:06 / 6:11
  • Green baby binky on our patio
  • 4:44
  • Dreams
  • Frank’s big “morality vs. the norms” decision, which led to. . .
  • Frank’s unexpected entrepreneurship triumps
  • Cleaning vibes


Until tomorrow, I love you all—leave you questions and thoughts below, and be sure to LIKE if you LOVE our weekend Spiritual Maintenance! ☺

♥ Egypt

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