#Teaspiration Thursday | Bringing down Jericho

“Act selfless, you will be infinite.”
—Egypt ponders over Humanity’s selfishness…

I had no reason to live. At least not until I began focusing my life and professional goals around the needs of the world around me; the world of both—my immediate space and humanity space at large.

That is the great grand secret to a fulfilled life: You will never truly feel alive until you are unapologetically putting forth the efforts to complete the task, works, deeds, missions and degrees your soul came back to Earth to get accomplished.

We often spend much of our time conflicted by our own worldly desires and our earthly circumstances…i.e. financial crisis, lack of time, lack of resources, etc. In the midst of this conflict, we rarely stop to realize that outside of our own personal bubble life is happening for everyone simultaneously. Yes, I know we know the latter, but how often do we ignore the plight of others who may even have it worse than we do.

Think about it. Your worst day is a day you wake up and realize you only have $10 to your name, but there is a roof over your head, gas is your whip, food on your table (whether preferred or not it’s edible), clothes on your back, funds pending, and another day to shift your life upward. We will complain about not having more than $10; yet, we will have no urgent needs for more than what we have at that given moment. And then we will have the audacity to ignore our fellow brothers and sisters, who live day to day without those luxuries of modern resources… not even a $1, a roof, consistent food and transportation, clean clothes, simple hygienic pleasures, and the list goes on and on.

We ignore the malnourished. We ignore the hungry. We ignore the homeless. We ignore the strung-out. We ignore the miseducated. We ignore the misfits and the outcasts. We ignore those who have yet to know justice. We ignore all of the latter and more but still complain about our lives unfortunate events. Well, unfortunately, my Dear Loves that is indeed how life works—cause begets effect, actions beget reactions.

You have to input something into the “living equation” to get life out. Smiles, well-wishes, time, physical resources, emotions, passion, energy, brainpower, blood, sweat, and tears will all be required of you at some point in your life. To produce in your own personal life, you will need the latter. And you will reap what you are due based on your sewn efforts. However, when you set your Mind, Body and Spirit to raising your personal vibrations, uplifting fallen humanity, and returning Love, Peace, Truth, Justice or Freedom—the liberations of all sorts—to all people you become infinite. When you are in the business of giving life, speaking life—LIFE is all you can receive in return. Life will be your just reward.

Love you,


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