#Teaspiration Thursday | Be like the tree that was never a tree, just strong af . . .

I am beautiful,

I am bountiful,

I am blissful.

—Egypt rises to one of nature’s many surprises

Opens curtains. “Good Morning! my friend…oh, wow—you’re getting big fast. . . ” Snaps photo to send to Frankie baby;  pauses for a moment of realization. “Wait. There are no trees growing next to our home . . .could you be. . .

Never allow anyone to classify you as someone or something you are not. Know you will forever be who and what you are meant to be. Others may try to force their beliefs, thoughts, opinions, and visions about your future onto you. . . but be still like the stalk of grass that gave no fxcks that Egypt and Frank classified it as a tree. Know that when you are in the darkness, barricaded by walls on every side there is always sunlight somewhere above you. Be determined to break through any and every obstacle or barrier which rises before you in order to reach the light that has been summoning you since the day you left your mahadrah’s womb. Be like that stalk and those fragile leaves…mighty as a great sycamore, determined to rise.

Love, always!


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